Aged Care Services

Awabakal Aged Care Services is a comprehensive program that offers quality services to our community.

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Aged Care Services

How Aged Care Services works

Awabakal Aged Care Services staff will work with you to develop what is known as ‘My Story’. This will include asking questions about your family, your history and your health.

This is where you are able to discuss what is important to you, any worries you have about your health, what you might need to help improve your day to day life and what kind of support you need.

Based on your story, Awabakal will help with building a 'plan' for you. This plan will be tailored to your individual needs and will incorporate the services you will require.

Aged Care Programs

Commonwealth Home Support Programme – CHSP

The programme supports our community to live independently at home and in our community.

Home Care Packages – HCP

Levels of Support

Level 1 – Support with basic care needs

Level 2 – Support with low care needs

Level 3 – Support with intermediate care needs

Level 4 – Support with high care needs

Services Available

All services are subject to eligibility set by the Federal Government. Contact our team for further information on 4907 8555.

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